A Day in Shrewsbury

We have had a wonderful day today (Monday 10th June 2024) in Shrewsbury. This morning we spent the day at the Museum with Mrs Akers, exploring the world of Peter Rabbit. The experience was fantastic, we explored old photos reinforcing our understanding of the past, we played games, sang songs, played the claves, got creative making gardens and generally had a great time at the Peter Rabbit exhibition.

We were lucky enough to have our picnic in the Quarry Park and explore the Dingle garden. We explored the garden, trying to find where we were on an ariel photo of the garden and spent a lot of time looking at the ponds, we liked watching the ducks and the fish. We admired the new sculpture in the Quarry and talked about what we thought it was made from.

The ENORMOUS Turnip!

The Hodnet fairies kindly sent us some seeds to grow in our garden. We planted some turnip seeds and they magically grew into an ENORMOUS turnip. We all tried to pull and pull the turnip but it would not budge!

We have read different versions of the turnip story and we have retold the story in lots of different ways. Some children enjoyed creating an animation of the story and some children painted very careful pictures of the turnip.

Number lines out doors

Learning to mark decimal tenths on number lines out doors in the sunshine and making the most of the weather in early May!

Science week – making elderflower cordial

We picked the elderflowers from our school grounds and then Mrs Freeman made the sugar solution to pour over the flowers. We learnt about dissolving.

Science week – bubble investigations

We tried to blow large bubbles and also investigated what would happen to the shape of the bubble when the bubble blowers were different shapes.

A Victorian classroom experience


On Tuesday 7th May we went back in time and experienced school in the Victorian times. Mrs Noden took on the role of the strict Victorian teacher and rang the bell for us all to come into school. We dressed up and had our class photo taken. The boys and the girls were separated in the classroom and we sat at desks. We learnt about the classroom rules and how children would have been disciplined then. It was tricky to write on slate as they would have done in school during the Victorian era.

By break time we were feeling very lucky that we go to school in 2024! IMG_0623

Our First School trip

In April we had a great day on our first school trip. We visited Shrewsbury Museum in the morning, after lunch we walked around Shrewsbury. By the end of the day we were experts at spotting Tudor buildings!

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