Science week – the best bits!

At Hodnet school we celebrated science week in style this week from plant investigations to chemical reactions and lots of fun along the way.

  • We had a delightful visit from the activity buses team sponsored by Severn Trent Water. They taught us how to keep our seas and rivers clean and all about toilets and sewers – all the disgustingly exciting science involving poo – yes we said it and we were allowed to say it! We had a great giggle holding pretend cartoon poo’s!
  • Plant science including germination in Y2 and recording findings of experiments for a pretend TV company in Y3. Video link here
  • DNA extraction in Y6. They investigated the properties of DNA and were so fascinated by this topic that they continued to evolve their learning to find out more and more! They followed a step by step method and extracted DNA from bananas. Super exciting.
  • Outdoor learning in Reception Forest Schools, using their science skills to find possible solutions to their ‘I wonder’ questions. They even had a real scientist visit from Mrs O’Connor who put her Lab coat back on after all these years, to find that reception class were indeed scientists. They also created chemical reactions earlier in the week.
  • Disgusting digestion in Y4 who imitated the stomach and small intestine with a zip bag and pair of tights – fascinating. They also tested egg shells to investigate the effects of drinks on our teeth. Proving the reason that we don’t allow juice in school – well done class 4!
  • Time and space – in assemblies Mrs Lyall shared the evolvement of GMT and its importance in the world. She also shared photos of family visits to Observatories in Sydney and Kielder Forest, inspiring others to think about possibilities to look for beyond our world.
  • The science gadget shop encouraged children to buy small science based gadgets, with all profits going towards new science equipment.
  • Supertato Jelly experiments in Y1 proved interesting and magnetic investigations, thermal conductivity and heart rate testing in Y5 made for a very busy week.
  • The Xplore science show, a special treat paid for by our wonderful PTA, captivated all year groups and brought a fantastic week to a close.

There are many posts about some of this weeks science found on our science page, or on individual class pages, please take a look!

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