Severn Trent Water Visit

This week, Class 3, 4 and 5 enjoyed a visit from Severn Trent Water who brought their amazing interactive buses to bring the wonders of water to life.

On the Digibus, the children watched an animated video, journeying across the world to see how vital water is. This was followed by an interactive quiz using digital keypads! The children had the chance to put on some virtual reality glasses and enter a world where they tracked a raindrop, learning how it is purified before and after visiting our home.

In the Experibus, the children stepped into the role of a water worker. They used detective skills, including testing samples of water, to work out which place was responsible for polluting the water supply.

The children also enjoyed some fun games on the playground. The giant board game taught us why we need to value water as a precious resource and the ‘flush it or bin it’ relay, with realistic props, was a real hit!!