Tomato Plant investigation

We have been learning in Science about what a plant needs to grow well. To investigate this more fully we got into groups and each were given a young tomato plant. Each group decided what they were going to deprive their plant of for a week; the options were water, light, warmth, air and soil.

After a week we compared the results with our control plant which had all of these. We were surprised to find out that the plant in sand (instead of soil) grew well although it wasn’t quite as big as the control. The plant deprived of water and the one deprived of warmth drooped and wilted very much. The plant deprived of air wilted a little. We decided that water and light were the most important for a growing planted.

We also made videos in our groups to explain our findings. Each groups had a director, presenter, plant expert, production assistant, camera person and script writer.