Fire safety at Forest School.

Year Six spent some time learning about how to safely light a fire, during an afternoon of Forest School.

‘After learning about being safe around fires, we were all split up into little groups of five and were equipped with a tin bowl, twigs, sticks, cotton wool and flint and steel.
We each had a go with the flint and steel and then we lit our fires. We learnt how to keep them alight. After that, we roasted marshmallows around the fire! It was a great afternoon!’  Freya (Class 6).

Introducing Microbits in Year 6.

On Thursday, we started our unit on Micro:bits – something we had been looking forward to doing! We learnt what the different parts of the Micro:bit were for and then put them together.  Whilst we used the Make Code, app, we also had to use the skills learnt in Scratch. We were able to create coding to turn the Micro:bit into a name badge, alarm clock and even a dice.   Bethan ( Year 6)

en a dice.

Science week: investigating DNA.

During science week, we spent time learning about DNA and the work of Francis Crick and James Watson, who with help from Franklin and Wilkins, discovered the double helix structure of DNA in 1953. We then attempted to extract DNA from a banana which was a fantastic investigation.

Year 6 were fascinated to learn that:

  • About 99.9 percent of the DNA of every person on the planet is exactly the same. It’s that 0.1 percent that is different that makes us all unique.
  • If you unravelled all the DNA molecules in your body and placed them end to end, it would stretch to the Sun and back several times.

Maths madness.

We have had a great time revisiting some previously taught maths. We used our tables as giant wipe boards to draw shapes.

We then spent time measuring angles, finding the perimeter and area and also converting units of measure. The children then worked in pairs to check each others work.

We then learnt about radius, diameter and circumference.

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