Enchanted Apples and Magic Stories

This week, Class 3 started a new English unit on portal stories. Our hook lesson involved imaging that the basket of apples Mrs Williams brought in contained one enchanted apple. In the story-telling area, we each ate an apple and imagined what magic power it might have. Some of us thought the magic apple might make us a champion footballer or give us a secret voice, only audible to animals. We had great ideas.


We also thought of some lovely adjectives to describe our apples as we ate them such as; crunch, juicy, delicious, tasty to name but a few. Mrs Williams then read us our model text; a story about a little girl Poppy who finds an ancient, wooden door which takes her to a world of fantastic feasts and tiny people. Our work in the coming weeks will be inspired by this story when we will write our own portal tales.

Tomato Plant investigation

We have been learning in Science about what a plant needs to grow well. To investigate this more fully we got into groups and each were given a young tomato plant. Each group decided what they were going to deprive their plant of for a week; the options were water, light, warmth, air and soil.

After a week we compared the results with our control plant which had all of these. We were surprised to find out that the plant in sand (instead of soil) grew well although it wasn’t quite as big as the control. The plant deprived of water and the one deprived of warmth drooped and wilted very much. The plant deprived of air wilted a little. We decided that water and light were the most important for a growing planted.

We also made videos in our groups to explain our findings. Each groups had a director, presenter, plant expert, production assistant, camera person and script writer.

Chocolate Tasting

As part of our explanation text writing this term, we have been writing about how chocolate is made. With all of the learning about and writing about chocolate, our mouths were watering so we decided to taste melted chocolate with fruit. As we ate we thought about the journey the chocolate had made from the bean or pod to the bar to our tummies. Needless to say, we really enjoyed this exploring lesson and it helped us very much with our writing.

Cadbury World trip

On Wednesday 1st May, Class 3 and 4 went on a trip to Cadbury World in Birmingham. We learnt more about the fascinating ancient civilisation of the Maya and discovered their involvement in the early history of cocoa in c. AD 900. We found out that they made a drink out of cacao pods and that this eventually became fashionable in the UK, when John Cadbury started making hot chocolate and selling it in his shops. We also learnt about the current journey of chocolate from bean to bar and, of course, tasted some yummy chocolate as well as going on rides and touring the factory.  

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